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Meet the founders

  • jacekwberlinie



    Jacek Krzykwa CEO, Programmer

    Our CEO is also a programmer, and a person you can contact with. He is the Automatic and Robotic Engineer, he’s got the Unity Certificate, and a long experience in developing games. With so many programming skills up in his sleeve, he is not afraid of any challenge.

  • maciekwkolku



    Maciej Krzykwa Unity Expert, Programmer

    True Unity Expert with 5 years of experience in the Unity3D. Bachelor of Science at the University of Wroclaw. He’s got a head full of alghoritms, optimization tricks, with a tasty flavour of creativity. He tries to deeply understand you and then gives you a solution that fits best.

  • mttbnn



    Mateusz Bancewicz Physics Expert, Programmer

    PhD student at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wrocław. Involved in the ShaleMech project devoted to the intensification of shale gas extraction in Poland. As you see, Mateusz is a true scientist, who is also passionate about making games. He is the smartest guy in the team, and the kindest too.

Our latest work

Space Battle VR

Space Battle VR

Space Battle VR is an action shooter set in space. It supports VR controllers to give you a real feel how it is to be a spaceship pilot.

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins - game logic using PlayMaker plugin. Cooperation with Haiku's design team.

Mars Force

Mars Force

Multiplayer Third Person Shooter for mobiles with an amazing space theme and skill-based competitive multiplayer.

Bullet Force – IAP validation

Bullet Force – IAP validation

Server-side IAP validation in a week? A mobile game with over 10 000 000 players!

WebGL – Space Battle prototype

WebGL – Space Battle prototype

[WebGL and mobile] Space schooter game designed and created by us

Crime Coast

Crime Coast

Crime Coast is a mobile game with about 500 000 players! Unexpected challange – connect IAPs with Alcatel - Russian Store where users buy things using SMS.

Optical Character Recognition for MardukCorp

Optical Character Recognition for MardukCorp

Optical Character Recognition using native plugin called Tesseract for a game by MardukCorp.

Photon engine and WebGL – Dinosaurs

Photon engine and WebGL – Dinosaurs

Multiplayer via Photon Engine and WebGL.

Top Tap Robot

Top Tap Robot

Casual mobile game from Raba Games.

Hire us!

We are Certified Unity Developers with 5 years of experience and wide range of skills. Our primary fields of work are: standalone and mobile (android, iOS) games, WebGL, UI, services integration (mainly IAP and receipt validation), native plugins, little editor extensions. You can hire us!

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    5 years of experience

    We love Unity3D! You can tell by checking out our portfolio and what clients said.

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    Mobile games

    Alongside designing, making, and shipping mobile games there comes a knowledge about the mobile world. What game can we make for you?

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    Deep knowledge

    Study hard to get where we are. In our team we have Doctoral Student of Physics, Automatics and Robotics Engineer, and Bachelor of Computer Science.

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    Unity Certificates

    We are Certified Unity Developers. So you can be sure that you talk to experts.

Clients said

  • bulletforce

    Remote server-side receipt validation in the FPS multiplayer game.

  • logo_initialen

    We were searching for a Unity wrapper of the native Tesseract OCR plugins for Android and iOS. Jacek helped us in realising this quick and easy! His work was well documented and easy to understand for people outside the project. We would definitly contract him again for further projects!

    Jan Malte Dittmer, CEO of MardukCorp
  • will

    Jacek helped us with the implementation of an SMS in-app-purchase plugin, and we would highly recommend his work.

    Will Mallouk, CEO of Pixel Squad Ltd

Contact us

Our company is based in Wrocław, Poland. You can contact us anytime. If you want to hire us or simply you have something to ask for, feel free to write at contact@rabagames.com