Swimming Teddybears

This game is made by us. From the idea through the development to the shipping at Google Play, App Store, and Windows Store.

Swimming Teddybears is an action, not-so-fast-paced 2D mobile game with a sweet look and chilling climate. The player taps on teddybears swimming in the water, in order to rescue them from drowning.

There are 3 game modes. Most fascinating and competitive is the hot seat. One has to rescue as many teddybears as he can in a limited time, and then next one takes his turn. It is really fun experience for up to 4 players on one device. Great for parties because it keeps you together, is easy to learn, and puts you in a good mood.

Online mode is a quick match between two players. Global ranking is an interesting part of it.

Last but not least, single player mode takes player to Teddylake. Rules are simple: try to rescue all teddybears, while camera is moving up the lake.

More info at: Swimming Teddybears pressKit page

Sweet little colourful action 2D mobile game. Save animals, don't let them drown!


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